Since this is our first post on this new Urban Food Gardens website, we thought it might be appropriate to tell you a bit  about who we are and what we hope to achieve here.

First off, a few words on who we are (or are not if you prefer). Urban Food Gardens is not a company or business, it is not a charity or a NGO, in fact it is not any sort of registered entity at all. It is more of an idea, a dream and who knows, it may even turn into a plan some day. For now though, we’re just a simple website run by a couple of people who hope to make a small difference in the world.

Our main goal with this website is to Educate and Inspire you. Our primary focus is on growing our own natural, organic and healthy food, preparing this food, preserving this food and of course, eating this food.

We are not farmers but rather urban and city dwellers and, although we may be severely restricted in terms of available space, we believe that we can still make a substantial contribution to helping provide food security and easy access to healthy food (at reasonable costs) to all of our fellow South Africans.

We also believe in leaving as small a footprint in this world as is humanely possible – Through living simply and sustainably, reducing our consumerism (and thus our waste), conserving our natural heritage and finally, by trying to improve our quality of life as opposed to the more usual, non-stop and obsessive quest for material wealth.

We want to try and slow the frantic pace of our lives down to a casual trot again. We want to be able to savour and enjoy our lives again; to spend more time with our family, friends and loved ones; to enjoy our food, to share it and to revel in our newfound health gained by consuming it.

We hope you enjoy the ride along with us and find as much peace and satisfaction out of learning to grow your own food as we do.

Mark Roach

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